Volcan Bridge

Culvert construction, Volcan Pacifica, Panama. Construction, May 08

Great Chiriqui Real Estate

Volcan Pacifica: Gallery, Chiriqui, Panama. Volcan Land Gallery

Magnificent Volcan Barú

Volcan Baru Gallery, Panama. In the shadow of Barú

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Volcan Pacifica: Setting the standard in Chiriqui Real Estate, Panama

Important Notice - INVESTORS BEWARE

Volcan Pacifica, SA. has been subjected to serious criminal activity.

As a result criminal and civil legal action has been initiated through the Panamanian Courts to ensure alleged illegally transferred land assets are returned to their rightful shareholders and clients of Volcan Pacifica, SA.

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Volcan Pacifica - prime Chiriqui Real Estate, Chiriqui, Panama

Mountain life: Volcan Pacifica provides 164 acres (67.5 hectares) of the finest Chiriqui Real Estate, high-quality mountain properties (villas and family homes) close to Volcan town, in Chiriqui Province, Panama. Here you can expect an excellent quality of life, with all the benefits of living in a secure, beautiful, remote mountain community - whilst enjoying permanent Spring-like temperatures in the cloud rainforest.

Helicopter Tour of Sunset Point.

Track Record: Our (other) Real Estate in Panama

Update! November 2008: We took a Helicopter Tour of Sunset Point.

Sunset Point, Bocas, started four years ago, is our premier waterfront-based community, located around two custom-built canals: The only other canals to be built in Panama in recent times. Why not come and see for yourselves - you'll be made most welcome.

Volcan Pacifica MPS, Volcan, Panama.

Volcan Pacifica Master Site Plan

The MSP (Master Site Plan) for Volcan Pacifica has now been separated into Phase 1 and Phase 2. See the overlay of an aerial photograph for a clear rendering of how the properies are to be laid out.

Volcan Pacifica; Chiriqui real estate.

The lower slopes of Volcan Barú: prime Chiriqui real estate

Spanning 164 acres the foothills of Panama's tallest mountain, Volcan Pacifica is a gated community designed with an emphasis on positive coexistence with the surrounding flora and fauna. By retaining a high percentage of cloud-rainforest (surrounding and winding down through the property), the mix of single-family home sites, mountain villas and eco cabins will always retain their own privacy.

Volcan Barú, the imposing giant of Chiriqui, Panama.

Ever-present "Barú"

The tallest peak in Panama: At 11,400 feet Volcan Barú (or simply "Barú" to the locals) is the highest mountain in Panama, and an ever-present, imposing andesite giant on the landscape and culture of Volcan. Early morning is often the best time to see it, as it is common for the mists to accumulate round the summit in the afternoon sun.

Ten reasons to retire to Panama

In a nutshell, Panama is probably the best place in the world to which to relocate. It is even better if you choose to retire here, with a government-backed program to assist in making that a reality. Also, crucially, the locals are friendly and welcome this official initiative. And if it's a cool climate and an agricultural community then properties in the cooler Volcan area, mountain-situated, Chiriqui real estate, is ideal.

A good time to invest in Panama, Volcan Real Estate, and Chiriqui real estate

As the Panamanian government continues to encourage growth and development, many real-time rewards are available to the foreign investor. And one of these, Panama's much vaunted 20-year property tax exemption policy, was recently extended. However, whilst the deadline to qualify for the new exemption was originally set at December 31st, 2009, officials recently retracted the date by six months.

Chiriqui's first-rate medical facilities/Panama health care

Chiriqui health care: Panama generally offers good medical care and modern hospitals, although these do tend to be concetrated in and around the cities. Hence, the more rural your location, the further you are from the highest level of medical care. However, David (in Chiriqui Province), only 45 minutes from Volcan, has Panama health care facilities that are second to none ...

Entrance road: Volcan, Panama.

Building bridges in Volcan Real Estate

April 2008: The Entrance Road to Volcan Pacifica takes a step nearer completion this month, with the building of a bridge over one of the four rivers which run around/through Volcan Pacifica.

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Pics Of The Week

Picture Of The Day: Cloud rainforest in Paso Ancho.

Picture Of The Day: A road in Paso Ancho with Volcan Baru looming in the background.

Picture Of The Day: The Rio Chiriqui Viejo going out past Paso Ancho (near to Volcan).

Picture Of The Day: A rope bridge in Paso Ancho, Volcan.

Picture Of The Day: A fluorescent green caterpillar crossing a Volcan footpath.

Picture Of The Day: A couple of the indigenous Ngobe-Bugle/Guaymi.

A horse and cattle in woodland in Paso Ancho.


Dan's testimonial, Panama real estate. "After looking around the Caribbean over the past 25 years ... I was sold on the Bocas Del Toro upscale gated community of Sunset Point