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Panama: The world's best retirement destination?

In a nutshell, Panama is arguably the best place in the world to which to relocate. It is even better if you choose to retire here, with a government-backed programme to assist in making that a reality. "And one of the deciding factors for me (Webmaster/Editor), one that was essential for me to go ahead and make the move to Panama, was that the locals are friendly and courteous - and welcome this official initiative".

Panama: More than just "The Canal"

The Republic of Panama is located between Costa Rica and Colombia. And because it is so often just "that place with The Canal", in most people's minds, Panama becomes a destination full of unexpected surprises to those travelling there for the first time. And the truth is that awesome though the Panama canal is, it is actually a small part of the adventure of Panama.

Panama: Easily accessed

There are daily direct flights from several U.S. cities, and weekly flights from parts of Canada, South America, and Europe. And once in Panama, it is common for people to fly to other parts within the country - David, Bocas Del Toro, Colón - rather than use cars. Petrol is cheap, but flight is cheaper, and a lot quicker: typically it takes around 45 minutes to fly to any of the other main areas.

Panama: Incredible natural amenities

Beaches on both coasts are seemingly endless, of wonderful quality and easy to travel to: it is quite possible to visit the Pacific and the Caribbean coasts in the same day. Panama has some of the best deepsea and sport-fishing available anywhere: Sailfish, Marlin, Tuna, and Wahoo are all to be found. Surfing is popular, for locals and tourists alike; several top competitions are held annually. Extensive coral reefs and miles of white sands mean that snorkelling and scuba are always popular. Then there's the world-class fly fishing on Panama's rivers, kayaking and river rafting.

Panama Highlands: The Land of Eternal Spring

The lowlands of Panama are hot, even with the cooling breezes of both coasts; and so many people head for the mountains. The cooler highlands of Panama are full of mists and cloud rainforests, cool springs and a freshness to the air. The area of Volcan, on the lower slopes of Barú, the 11,400 foot dormant volcano, lies back from the Pacific coast, in the northern end of Chiriqui Province; and it enjoys a spring-like climate pretty much year round. There is a dry season in Panama, from December to April, and a rainy season, from April to December. Chiriqui is a long-eastablished agricultural community and produces nearly all the vegetables for Panama. Up in the mountains around Volcan you will see endless meticulously cultivated acres.

Panama Highlands: Coffee and flowers

Panamanian-grown coffe is of superb quality, and the highlands have a stunning range of flowers. World-class birdwatchng, hiking (the Quetzales Trail) and horse riding all occur, enjoyed year round. You will see many fine horses around this area, and many Panamanians giving the impression that they live in the saddle.

Chiriqui Province, Panama: Excellent healthcare facilities

Bilingual medical services are widely available, in Volcan as well as in David (where there are two private hospitals). You will find that healthcare coasts are (very much) lower than in the USA. Medical insurance can be obtained locally at reasonable rates, if required.

Ten reasons to retire to Panama

  • Since 1989, there is no Panamanian military, just an effective police force.
  • It's a democracy, with freedom of speech and free enterprise fundamental to Panama today.
  • Friendly, welcoming locals: The people of Panama are accepting, relaxed and courteous.
  • A high quality of life but a low cost of living (far lower than in Europe or the US).
  • Panama is fundamentally a mountain range bordered by beautiful beaches on both sides, most of it easily accessible. And there are 14 national parks, covering 22% of the country.
  • A solid middle class, fundamental to a stable, secure economy.
  • The second largest free trade zone in the world and a thriving, stable economy. And the US dollar-based currency means financial stability and very low inflation.
  • Europeans and Americans are welcome: 80% of the population are of European heritage, and 14% speak English.
  • With a population of just 3.23 million (1 million of whom live in Panama City) and an area of 29,000 sq. miles there is no population pressure.
  • The best government-backed retirement program in the world. If you want to retire to Panama, then Panama will make you welcome.

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