Panama Health Care: Chiriqui hospitals and medical centers.

Setting the standard

Panama health care

David's first-rate medical center

Panama offers good medical care and modern hospitals, although these tend to be concetrated in the cities. Hence, the further you are out in the countryside, the further you are from the highest level of medical care. In the western area of Panama there is the second largest Panamanian city, David (in Chiriqui Province), which is only 45 minutes from Volcan - and there is an excellent medical center there, with world-class facilities. David also has two private hospitals.
Please Note: Many Panamanian doctors have received their training in the United States; hence the standards of medical care (in the top hospitals) are of a similar high quality.

Private health insurance

Private health insurance, is readily available - and less expensive than insurance in the United States. It is a simple fact that doctors' fees and hospital visits are much cheaper; also, malpractice insurance is very low, because Panamanian law doesn't allow frivolous lawsuits. The last driver is economic: with the average Panamanian earning around $300 per month the Panama health care system cannot be more expensive, as it would price out the majority of the population.

Precription drugs in Panama

Precription drug prices are low (because manufacturers price them for the market) and, many prescription drugs in the United States are available over the counter in Panama.

Panamanian Retirement Visa: Health benefits

Retiring to Panama using the retirement visa offers valuable (statutory) health entitlements.

Discounts on prescription drugs and Panama health care services:

  • 15% in private clinic and hospital bills
  • 15% off dental services
  • 20% off general, specialist and surgical doctor's fees
  • 15% off optometry services
  • 10% off prescription drugs

Primary health care in Panama

Primary Care: Panama has 155 health centers, 112 subcenters, 376 health posts, 34 polyclinics, and 6 dispensaries. At the second and third level, there are 37 hospitals, 5 of them located in Panamá City, that offer third-level services. In total, there are 720 sites providing services of varying degrees of complexity, 19.6% of which are concentrated in Panamá Province. The Social Security Fund has ten hospitals and 27 polyclinics (Information correct in 2001).

Panama city hospitals

  • John Hopkins Hospital
  • Hospital Bella Vista
  • Hospital Santa Fe
  • Hospital Nacional
  • Hospital Paitilla
  • Clinica Hospital San Fernando

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