The fields of Volcan

May 08 Construction

Volcan Pacifica Development, May 2008

April 08 Construction

Volcan Pacifica bridge construction, April 2008

The Land

The Land, February 2008

Setting the standard

Volcan Pacifica Galleries

In the Gallery sections we will be documenting everything about Volcan Pacifica, from the beautiful views extending out from the land, to the entire construction of the development, piece by piece, house by house. We'll also be adding galleries documenting the local area (Volcan and Chiriqui Province) the geography, the people, the events, the life of the whole area.

Entrance Road Bridge

Construction Diary: Entrance Road Bridge Gallery, May 2008

With the shuttering removed the culvert/bridge is taking shape.

Entrance Road Bridge

Construction Diary: Entrance Road Bridge Gallery, April 2008

With the second creek bridge due to start next week, work is well underway on this, the first creek bridge.

Volcan Baru

Volcan Pacifica: The Land Gallery

Stunning images of Volcan Pacifica: we have taken numerous photographs of the land. Over the next few weeks we will be documenting the views into, and out from, every lot on the development, so that everyone will get a comprehensive idea of the true potential of Volcan Pacifica.

Volcan Baru

Volcan Barú Gallery

Barú the Sentinel: Volcan Barú, is always there: crystal-clear at the crack of dawn, looming out of the afternoon mists, and a dark, imposing shadow as the sun sets.

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