The fields of Volcan

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The land at Volcan Pacifica, Gallery section

Setting the standard

Volcan Pacifica: The Location

Master Site Plan.

Retaining the natural integrity

The 67.5 hectares of Volcan Pacifica is set in hilly fields leading into lush cloud rainforest. The hills of the property allow for spectacular views for a good number of the proposed 81 properties. There has also been a good deal of thought in how to retain as much of the integral greenery of the development: the final area of the lots is set at 51.79% of the total area, the access roads 7.68%, whilst the greean areas amount to 9.91% and the public area 5.58%. Added to this is the equestrian centre with 1.71% (approximately three acres) and ravine area of 2.41%. At the top of the development, on the far north-western hilltop, will be the first-class Clubhouse and surrounding area comprising a total of 20.83% of the whole development.

The whole area is bounded on the whole north, north-west and north-eastern end by steep-sided rainforest (which goes over the hills at the back into more steep-sided cloud rainforest; the southern end by two rivers; there is only one access road into the development and that is ours. This access will have 24-hour security.

A Three-Dimensional Map showing Volcan Barú, Volcan and Nueva California. Volcan Pacifica is located in the lower foothills of Barú (Barú is the mountain on the right), across from Volcan.
Please Note: The white areas you can see here are not snow - they're clouds photographed by satellite, but then viewed from a 3-D angle.

A 3-D image of Volcan Baru, showing the area around Volcan Pacifica.

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